About Us

NanoWorx was created out of the need for a company with products that actually work. At its core, the name says it all. NanoWorx is just that, a company with products that actually WORK…products you can FEEL making a difference! A company whose passion is to help those who need it and do so with 100% transparency; all while offering the best products available. Truthfully, we know that many companies are full of sub par products. NanoWorx products are sourced with the best ingredients available and while using our Nano CBD technology.

Whether you try our Impact Greens superfood drink for overall daily health, our products with Nano CBD for aches and stress, or our sleep drink to help you achieve the nightly sleep you are craving, we guarantee you will “feel” a difference with our products. Not only are we excited about our initial launch product offerings, we are equally excited about the numerous offerings that will launch in Q2 of 2021. We welcome you to join us on what will be the largest opportunity of your life! Don’t miss out! Be part of a company that employs cutting edge technology and unique product offerings.

What Sets Us Part

Culture of Health

NanoWorx Global is a company that prioritizes a culture of health. Our products are designed with ingredients that are individually good for your body and mind. 

Culture of Fun

Life is more than just struggle. The culture of fun means that we take the time each of us needs to smile. 

Culture of Leadership

With over 200 years of experience just within our corporate leadership, NanoWorx Global builds leaders to usher in new heights year after year. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible products & opportunity.

Shane Maguire

Chief Executive Officer

Danny Storie

Vice President

Jeffrey Battles

Vice President of Sales & Training

Tony Martinez

Vice President of Product Development